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Cheerful lot with maligano jasper and bumble bee from Indonesia, golden healer hearts, tourmaline quartz hearts, mosaic chalcedone points, white turquoise spheres and one magical laser wand from Brazil.
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This lot contains:

  • 0,354 kg. maligano jasper slice Indonesia
  • 0,222 kg. golden healer heart Brazil
  • 0,232 kg. toermaline in quartz heart Brazil
  • 0,304 kg. mosaic chalcedone Brazil
  • 0,326 kg. eyes bumble bee Indonesia
  • 0,198 kg. bumble bee pyramid Indonesia
  • 0,478 kg. white turquoise spheres Brazil
  • 0,148 kg. magical laser wands from Diamantina, BraziliĆ«
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