Maligano jasper semi polished

Semi-polished chunks/free forms maligano jasper from Sulawesi. The colors vary from grey/white to orange/pink. A nice and affordable addition to your assortment!

Maligno jasper is a breccia jasper. The name breccia jasper was coined in South Africa; breccia means break. A breccia jasper is a stone through which veins of another mineral (such as the gray hematite veins in the South African red jasper) run.

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Unique breccia jasper from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. This stone is not found anywhere else. Maligano jasper is formed from different colors of jasper with agate. It is a cheerful jasper, which encourages to peel off improper layers. Maligno jaspis invites you to ask questions. “What still serves a purpose and what can go?” Maligano jasper lets you make choices and be reborn. It makes the aura firm and helps bring out a naturally joyful nature and show it to the world. Physically, jasper is good for the resistance.

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