Base cut amethyst

Base cut amethyst from Brazil. Always does well in every store and webshop.
Beautiful, nice size mini and medium geodes, varying in weight from 400 to 800 grams. Average length 10 cm.
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An amethyst on the bedside table works wonders for sleeping problems. In addition, dreams will become clearer and will be better remembered. Amethyst promotes mental and physical cleansing, spiritual insight, meditation and inner peace. The crystal reduces fear, anger, hatred and sadness and helps to process setbacks and break through blockages. Amethyst has a positive effect on homesickness, headaches, migraines, the eyes, the hormones and the digestive system. It is beneficial for sleeping problems and analgesic for bruises and injuries. Active on the seventh chakra, the crown chakra.


Size 8-12 cm.
Weight 400-800 grams.
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