Grape agate tumbled stones

Unique! Tumbled grape agate from Indonesia. Grape agate is only found in Indonesia.
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Grape agate has a twofold character. On the one hand, it is a gentle, calm stone like all agates; on the other hand, it has a higher, deeper effect because grape agate connects the crown chakra with the sixth chakra. The stone provides insight into dreams and provides spiritual purification from Divine knowing. Grape agate protects, promotes inner peace and removes stress. Grape agate gives the peace the soul longs for, but also stimulates spiritual and spiritual growth by encouraging self-reflection. Grape agate protects the aura, gives a sense of security and brings balance to body, soul and spirit. Fine stone for practice rooms. Physically, grape agate has a beneficial effect on the uterus, stomach, bladder, intestines, skin, eyes and blood vessels; stimulates metabolism and acts on the neurological system.


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