Druzy crazy lace heart L

Big hearts of crazy lace agate from Indonesia. Each heart is unique in terms of drawing and color play and there are many copies with druzy pieces, see-throughs, etc.
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Crazy lace agate is an agate with a more playful effect than regular agate. Crazy lace agate makes living, learning, loving and working lighter and more playful. Crazy lace agate makes curious and uninhibited. This agate provides connection to the higher self and the power of creation. Agate is a grounding, stabilizing and protective stone. Promotes inner peace and a calm and sober attitude. Stimulates spiritual and spiritual growth by encouraging self-reflection. Promotes logical thinking and concentration. Agate protects the aura, gives a safe feeling and brings balance to body, soul and spirit. Good to wear during pregnancy because it has a protective effect and stimulates growth. Agate has a beneficial effect on the uterus, stomach, bladder, intestines, skin, eyes and blood vessels and stimulates metabolism.


Size 8-9 cm.
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