Lemurian chlorite quartz pocket sitze

Small points of lemurian chlorite quartz. Unique! Not found before. Naturally formed points, in which after deposition of chlorite on the crystal, the crystal continued to grow.
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Lemurian Chlorite Quartz helps to connect deeply with the rhythms of the Earth, ancient civilizations and bygone eras. Lemurian chlorite quartz has all the properties of normal chlorite quartz and brings back lost knowledge about healing with crystals as practiced in the lemurian era. Chlorite quartz makes contact with natural beings, such as the devas of trees and shrubs, the fairy kingdom and the being of the earth. Chlorite quartz is a powerful cleaner for body, mind and home. A chlorite quartz gives a feeling of happiness and well-being, clears up, recharges and promotes the flow of life energy. Chlorite quartz aids in accelerated growth and healing, both spiritually and physically. Stimulates cell regeneration and protects against inharmonious radiation.

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