Blue Sumatra amber sphere 5 cm.

Blue amber sphere from Indonesia. Exclusive. Blue amber is only found in Indonesia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The amber is light to dark brown and reflects blue under UV light and (to a lesser extent) in sunlight.
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Research has shown that the fluorescent effect is probably caused by, among other things, the presence of anthracene in the amber. This anthracene is the result of incomplete combustion of tree resin after a forest fire at a special pine tree (the Hymenaea protera) that still grew about 25 to 40 million years ago and has since become extinct.
Blue amber is therefore millions of years old, solidified tree resin.

(Healing) properties blue Sumatra amber.

Like any amber, the blue variety also promotes a flexible, open, spontaneous and carefree attitude. Blue amber is peaceful and confident and promotes creativity. Due to its two-tone color (brown and blue), blue amber is good for balance between the second and fifth chakra. Blue amber helps express feelings in a positive way.
Physically, blue amber acts on the stomach, spleen, kidneys, throat, and gallbladder; it helps with disorders in the functioning of the liver, bile and metabolism. Blue amber reduces joint complaints and stimulates wound healing.


Size 5 cm.
Weight 40 grams.
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