Bumble bee jumbo free form

Bumble bee free form in jumbo format. Beautiful interior piece.

Bumble bee is found only in Indonesia. These free forms are a feast for the eyes, but it is precisely because of this rich hue that the stone has also been maligned. Bumble bee contains arsenic sulfide (the orange layers in the stone) and sulfur (the yellow parts) which is poisonous. And even though these bumble bees are polished, it is recommended to wash your hands after handling. Especially in the Netherlands there is a warning about bumble bee; Abroad, people don't find its poisonous nature much of a problem and love this rather exclusive, exuberant stone.
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Bumble bee makes merry, helps to find happiness within oneself and to have a positive attitude to life. This colorful stone from Indonesia inspires and makes enthusiastic and adventurous. Bumble bee shows one's path and passion in life and gives courage and perseverance to follow the heart. Bumble bee provides good concentration, a clear head and strengthens intuition. It has a positive effect on the immune system, spleen, stomach, liver and kidneys.

Although the stone is called bumble bee jasper in full, it is not a real type of jasper because it does not consist of 100% microcrystalline quartz, but also contains varying amounts of sulfur (yellow color), arsenic sulfide (orange color), manganese dioxide (black color) and other elements such as calcite and volcanic rock.

Size 32 x 6 x 22 cm.
Weight 7.23 kilos
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