Lemurian smoky quartz

Natural lemurian smoky quartz from Bahia in Brazil. In all kinds of colors, from light tinted to dark and terracotta brown. Completely natural, not roasted, not heated and not polished!
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Smoky quartz is an anti-stress stone. It helps to get through difficult times. Protects against electromagnetic radiation from e.g. computers, mobile phones and television sets, as well as environmental influences (water veins, environmental pollution, etc.). Smoky quartz is grounding and detoxifying. It deepens meditation and aids in smoking cessation. Smoky quartz has an analgesic effect - especially with back problems - and strengthens the nerves.

Lemurian smoky quartz is more than that. It has the distinctive tabular lemurian ridges associated with the ancient civilization of Lemuria. That makes these crystals different. Due to the connection with the lost Lemurian knowledge about energetic work, health and healing, the Lemurian smoky quartz is more of a working tool. Lemurian smoky quartz hits deeper and extends further than regular smoky quartz.


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