Lightning struck lemurians

Lemurian lasers struck by lightning. Extremely rare and extremely powerful. The combination of extreme heating, rapid cooling, high underground pressure and the energetic charge of lightning creates a typical zigzag pattern on the crystal. These lightning strucks come from Serra do Cabral in Brazil; a mountain range that, due to its many lightning strikes, produces a lot of highly charged and highly energetic crystals.
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A lighting struck lemurian has all the properties of a normal lemurian, is many times stronger in its effect and does a little extra. A lightning struck lemurian aligns all chakras in one second and restores imbalance in the energy system. These powerful crystals take the user to a higher vibration and heal on a deep level. A lightning struck lemurian supports clear knowing and empathy on group consciousness as well as on various other layers of consciousness. A lightning struck brings an accelerated breakthrough and is an energetic super booster. Provides access to information about the forgotten Lemurian healing arts used in the healing temples of the Lemuria.

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